26 Sep 2009

23 Sep 2009



Looking from the hill
Shreds of tattered litter sprawled in the water,
Tangled in chain
As the waves
Rushed their green acres
With slow sharks.
A climbing sea swept up
And buried
The dark eyes
Of her.
Blood traced the shape of
The sea,
The glass turned to smoke now
Search the darkness.
Smothered under the water
The sea ran.
The water and rain accentuated
Her isolation.

Logo for "Discover" (Canada), 2009

Logo for Coldfusion, 2009

Logo for Modovelop, 2009

15 Sep 2009

Ulster Folk Park, 2007

"The day it fell, and then once again..."

Ice Cream van, Belfast, 2009

14 Sep 2009

Unnatural Offences magazine, 2008

"How many years threaded on a needle of blood? Hands slack
on lap he sits looking out at the winter dawn with the cancelled
eyes of junk." Naked Lunch, W.S. Burroughs.


They all wore
the teeth of fish.
Twisted wrists.
their bodies blackened with ash.
With nothing
showing; for all the world
between their
Their skulls
reared upwards
in a mass of blackness.

A deadly weapon.
Clutched in his right hand.

Jane Bytheway, Logo & Business Cards, 2009

Logo For Orange Syringe, 2009

12 Sep 2009

Logo for "LoveShares" 2009

The greatest DJ in the world

"If you don't think this is the greatest song in the world - I will fight you!"

Just a thought...